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Orange | Ten Little Fingers

Good work by  MARCEL (PUBLICIS).

Orange wishes us a happy new year through an interactive experience, which uses two screens : your computer and your mobile. After watching the commercial Go to and synchronize your smartphone with your computer and continue with a digital experience.

Virgin Mobile | Blinkwashing

I have to say that Blinkwashing from Virgin is one of the best digital ideas I have seen. Take a look at the ad for yourself.

You have to set up webcam but it is quick and easy.  The video starts off with a pretty straightforward introduction about Virgin Mobile’s new plan.  The host explains that it’s not your fault for not switching to Virgin mobile, but in fact it’s your brain’s fault because not many people know enough about Virgin Mobile to trust the company enough to make the switch. By this time most people need to blink, this is where the blinkwashing kicks in.  It’s an evolution of the “Retrain your brain” campaign that ran previously.  Each time the user blinks, the scene changes randomly (there are 25 scenes in total).




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Volkswagen GTI Bannerbahn

If you have ever waited for the traffic lights to turn green while sitting in a Golf GTI, you know why people drive them. The GTI is about horse power and about speed. And this is exactly what Dutch agency Achtung! translated into a fun, playful campaign for the German car brand: Try to catch a GTI on the “Volkswagen Bannerbahn”.

The campaign connects paid banner media space with the real world by challenging the user to catch a Volkswagen Golf GTI. Click on the zig-zaging car that is actually driven by a real driver in the real world. Oh, and if you succeed you can actually win the real car.

Volkswagen Bannerbahn is another great concept that bridges digital with reality.

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Leo Burnett Sydney | Census “Run That Town”

Run That Town is a strategy game with a twist. Use real Census data to discover who’s who in your area, and make decisions that will sway popular opinion in your favour. Choose from hundreds of projects for your town – from the practical to the preposterous. What kind of leader will you be? Will you be treated to a ticker tape parade, or chased out of town by an angry mob?

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Axe | Apollo Campaign

In a marketing campaign too strange not to be true, the Axe brand of body spray/deodorant/smelly stuff for young men has recruited iconic astronaut Buzz Aldrin to promote their new “Apollo” scent for grooming products. Oh, and they’re sending 22 guys from around the world into space too through the Axe Apollo Space Academy. That is GREATIVE at it’s best.

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Toshiba Intel | The Power Inside | Trailer, Episodes 1 and 2

Intel/Toshiba present the an episode series entitled The Power Inside, a social film the brands have launched with Pereira & O’Dell, featuring alien mustaches taking over the world. The episode begins much like any other horror/action movie, with a couple having a romantic rendezvous in a car, until something terrible–and quite hairy-happens. We then meet the protagonist Neil, played by Craig Roberts, who is introduced getting an old-fashioned shave from a barber played by Harvey Keitel. Neil then heads off to his dead-end newspaper job, where he’s sent on a coffee run with co-worker/unrequited crush Analeigh Tipton, who offers him a pep talk just before he lands on what could turn out to be the bus ride from hell.

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Old Spice | Wolf Rodeo

Old Spice introduced a new wild collection of scents with an extensive campaign. The task was to implement the “Unleash your wild side” idea into an online display campaign. But how did they let people really unleash their wild side when they are sitting in front of their computer? Old Spice created a mobile controlled in-banner game. The banner generates a unique QR code that connects your mobile with the banner. From this point on you control the wolf aiming to shake Mustafa off.

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Coca-Cola | Mini-Me (3D Printing)

Coca-Cola Israel Launches Its New Mini Bottle, by offering 3D printed mini versions of YOU.

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