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Carlsberg | BriefCase Sessions

At the 2013 Cannes Creative Festival, Carlsberg gave twenty creative teams a briefcase full of material, a one sentence brief, 30 minutes and a camera crew to showcase their creativity and ideas.

Dubbed the #BriefcaseSessions, creative teams were given the time it takes to drink a bottle of Carlsberg to create, develop and pitch their idea straight to camera.

In a specially designed Carlsberg briefcase, which contained a collection of paraphernalia and aids that stimulated the creative process, 20 teams from all over the world were given briefs which had to be solved in 30 minutes.

Briefs included “Make your daily commute more inspiring,” and “Make recycling into a sport.”

And now, the top four have been chosen by a panel of experts from Carlsberg and experts from various creative disciplines, and will be put to public vote. Simply, whichever gets the most likes on YouTube will win a pair of VIP tickets to Cannes 2014.

Check out the 4 episodes below and vote for your favorite.

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