Coca-Cola | Rainbow Nation 20 years of democracy in South Africa

In South Africa, a young democracy that has been dubbed ‘The Rainbow Nation’, April is Freedom month and 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of this democracy. In celebration of this, Coca-Cola are literally creating rainbows. Using sunlight, water, some fancy science and a little bit of magic, rainbows popped up all over the Johannesburg CBD and enchanted the citizens of South Africa’s busiest city.
With the use of non-pottable water, the Joburg skyline was made as colourful as it’s array of citizens from different backgrounds. Creating a little moment of happiness. #RainbowNation

The Pilion Trust Charity – Fuck The Poor?

A man walks the streets of London shouting #FuckThePoor.
Social experiment from poverty charity, The Pilion Trust, to see whether we really do care about those less fortunate.

World’s Toughest Job

Unlimited hours. No breaks. The most important job is also the world’s toughest job.

Powerade | There’s Power In Every Game

He was born with only one leg, Nico Calabria didn’t let his disability keep him from any sport he was passionate about. Encouraged by many and driven by internal strength, he eagerly participated and excelled in a variety of childhood athletics. Nico continues to astound teammates, competitors, and fans with his talent today, and is living proof that there’s power in every game. Overcoming this challenge through hard work and unwavering commitment, Nico exemplifies Powerade’s mantra to Power Through and shows a tough determination that lets him rise up and push past his challenges.

L&P | Hold on to Summer with L&P

Billboards are boring. They never help anyone…unless you’re this amazing company preparing strangers for warmer weather! So L&P is helping people hold on to the sunshine feeling with poster towels to steal and free sandals to pull off ads.

Old Spice | Get Shaved in the Face

Terry Crews and Old Spice never disappoint.

Gonna go buy the OLD SPICE SHAVER today.

Coca Cola | Invisible Vending Machine

For Valentine’s Day, we created “The Invisible Vending Machine”, and made it visible only to couples.

Orange | Ten Little Fingers

Good work by  MARCEL (PUBLICIS).

Orange wishes us a happy new year through an interactive experience, which uses two screens : your computer and your mobile. After watching the commercial Go to and synchronize your smartphone with your computer and continue with a digital experience.

Coca Cola | Ser Padres

Insights that give us an honest look at being parents.

Santo Buenos Aires spot for Coke Life shows the trials and tribulations of parenthood set to the Bee Gees song “To Love Somebody”.

Delov Digital | Greetings From Chuck

A spoof of epic proportions.

Woolies | Soweto Gospel Choir | Mandela Tribute

Well Done!

A South African chain store has laid on one of the most touching tributes to Nelson Mandela we’ve seen in the past week – and it was in the form of a flash mob.

Woolworths teamed up with the Soweto Gospel Choir, who posed as shoppers and store workers at the Parkview store in Johannesburg.

The choir then began an “impromtu” rendition of Asimbonanga [We have not seen him], singing:

Asimbonanga [we have not seen him]
Asimbonang’ uMandela thina [we have not seen Mandela]
Laph’ekhona [in the place where he is]
Laph’ehleli khona [in the place where he is kept]

Asimbonang ‘umfowethu thina [we have not seen our brother]
Laph’ekhona [in the place where he is]
Laph’wafela khona [in the place where he died]
Sithi: Hey, wena [We say: hey, you]
Hey, wena nawe [Hey, you and you]
Siyofika nini la’ siyakhona [when will we arrive at our destination]

The song was written during Mandela’s incarceration as a call for his freedom.

MIMI Foundation | If Only For A Second

20 cancer patients participated in a unique makeover experience.
They were invited to a studio. Their hair and makeup were completely redone.
During the transformation, they were asked to keep their eyes shut.
A photographer then immortalized the moment they opened their eyes.
This discovery allowed them to forget their illness, IF ONLY FOR A SECOND.

TrueMove H | Giving Is The Best Communication

Anything that makes me cry is GREATIVE.


Virgin America | Safety Video

Good job Virgin for trying something new. Taking something so routine, boring, monotonous and doing something creative.

DMK | “Everything Counts”

DMK is a Depeche Mode cover band from Bogotá, Colombia.
Visit their band page